4.5 Roses for Visions!

Take A Break From Everyday Life And Get Lost In A World Filled With

Passion, Drama and Romance!

Check out the 4.5 Rose review from

Pillow Talk Reviews


AUTHOR: Anna James


PUBLISHER: Sugar and Spice Press


GENRE: Contemporary *  Paranormal Romance * Haunting

LENGTH: 57 pages






Where does the line draw between nightmares and reality? What if your nightmares are a reality? Or should I say, were…

Prudence isn’t one to believe in ghosts or the undead. But when her nightmares become so intense that she can actually feel the pain of the victims in her head, she begins to think maybe her nightmares aren’t just bad dreams. They may be, in fact, a message from the past. But that’s impossible, right?

When her mother/cousin dies, Pru inherits the house she once called home. Many years have passed since then, and she has very little recollection of those times. That is, until she steps foot inside the foreign dwelling and is assaulted by visions so terrible, they leave her shaking with fear. Something bad happened there, and she’s no longer sure her father was to blame.

Matt recognizes Prudence almost from the moment he sees her. He can’t believe she’s actually returned after all these years. He knows the story behind her parent’s deaths—after all, his father worked the case—but something about it all just doesn’t make sense. As the two of them become reacquainted, they begin finding clues that lead them to not only some things about the house that were left out of the homicide/suicide report from years ago, but also about who might actually be responsible for Pru’s parent’s deaths.

Visions is one of those stories that really hooks you from the get go. Ms. James does a wonderful job of weaving a tale of suspense and romance, all at once. As Pru and Matt rediscover each other, they also begin to unravel the mystery of Pru’s past. There were very little grammar/punctuation errors. If they were there, I was so engrossed in the reading that I hardly noticed. I thoroughly enjoyed her character development and plot. This is one I will certainly keep and will probably re-read sometime when I feel like curling up with a hot cup of coffee in front of the fireplace. The attraction between Pru and Matt is dynamic and Ms. James adds just enough sex to heat up the story, but not so much is drowns out the main objective, which is to find out what really happened to Pru’s parents.

If you like a little suspense and danger with your romance, then grab a copy of Anna James’ Visions. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For the full review: http://pillowtalkreview.blogspot.com/2011/12/visions-by-anna-james.html?zx=fc919141e2ed5789

Happy Reading!


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4 Star Reviews for Bradford Sisters Trilogy Books 1 and 2

Take a break from everyday life and get lost in a world filled with passion, drama and romance!

4 Stars for Guilty As Charged and Shattered Dreams  

Title: Guilty as Charged

Author: Anna James

Reviewer: Laura Chapman – Change the World Blog

In Guilty as Charged, book one of the Bradford Sisters Trilogy, author Anna James sets up an entertaining and interesting series filled with likable characters and suspenseful plot twists.

Nicole Bradford is the oldest of three sisters orphaned several years earlier when their parents were killed in a car accident. She steps into the role of primary provider and supporter for her two sisters, which leaves little room for her own needs, which makes her admirable and easy to relate to and like. She landed a good job more than a year ago, which provides a good income, stability and a love interest for herself and one of her younger sisters.

But she has a dark past that no one in her present knows about, and she will do whatever it takes to keep that hidden.

Enter Max Paradis. He’s back from two years abroad and trying to put his broken marriage behind him. The handsome and smooth man has reason to be leery of secrets, but that does not stop him for falling for Nicole.

Their whirlwind romance makes for a short courtship, but a lot happens in that time.

As with book two, missed communication is the villain to blame for most of the angst. In addition to the other problems the protagonists face, this plot twist works for me.
James effectively foreshadows, explains and concludes the story elements, which might otherwise be confused in such a quick read.

Though this book lacks some of the passionate heat found in book number two, it lived up to its purpose: to introduce the characters the reader will get to know in the upcoming stories.

Both books released to date in the series are solid, and I look forward to reading number three.
Rating:4 of 5


Title: Shattered Dreams

Author: Anna James

Reviewer: Laura Chapman – Change the World Blog

Anna James continues to deliver a quick, interesting and suspense-filled story with Shattered Dreams, book two in the Bradford Sisters Trilogy.

Middle sister Natalie is newly married and expecting a baby with her hunky husband Reed. Nervous about the prospect of becoming a mother, she balances her worry, new job and house hunting with her marriage.

But after suffering a miscarriage, Natalie builds a wall against Reed while she copes with the loss. Though he tries to help, the distance between the two grows deeper. When each suspects the other of infidelity it is clear their marriage might be in trouble.
Unlike many stories where it begins with new acquaintances meeting for the first time, Shattered Dreams tells the story of a young couple struggling with the obstacles in their lives. Despite the problems, and though the wedge between them grows larger, the reader never doubts their love for each other. However, it does pose and answer the question: Is love enough to save a marriage?

The well-crafted story is a quick read, and carries on the themes established in the first book. I look forward to reading book three when it is released to see what is in store for the youngest sister.

Rating:4 out of 5


Guilty As Charged and Shattered Dreams are now available at Sugar and Spice Press.

Pick up your copies TODAY! www.sugarnspicepress.com

Happy Reading,

Anna James

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Shattered Dreams – Bradford Sisters Trilogy #2 Is NOW Available from Sugar and Spice Press

I invite you to take a break from everyday life and get lost in a world filled with passion, drama and romance!

Are you looking for a heart warming story with characters you will fall in love with?

Then Shattered Dreams –  Bradford Sisters Trilogy #2 is a novella you have to read!

Shattered Dreams is now available from Sugar and Spice Press just in time for the holidays! Pick up your copy today!

Buy Now!

Get a taste of the story and WATCH THE BOOK

Happy Reading,

Anna James

Visit me at https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Anna-James-Author-of-Contemporary-Romance-Novels/129394040447020

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4 Stars for Shattered Dreams – Book 2 Bradford Sisters Trilogy

Take a Break From Everyday Life and Get Lost in a World Filled With

 Passion, Drama and Romance!

I am pleased to share my first 4 star review for Shattered Dreams – Book 2 Bradford Sisters Trilogy

Romance Novel Junkies / Lady Raven Rave‘s review:

BRIEF SUMMARY Natalie and Reed are happy together. They are back from their honeymoon and easing back into everyday life. In the mist of all this, Natalie is pregnant, but soon after, suffers a miscarriage. With the miscarriage comes tension and mistrust with Natalie and Reed’s relationship.
It was nice reconnecting with all the characters again from Guilty As Charged (The Bradford Sisters Trilogy #1)  book 1. ‘Shattered Dreams’ starts out showing a wonderful relationship between Natalie and Reed. As the story starts to unfold and Natalie suffers a miscarriage, mistrust starts to follow the couple. Natalie is working with her new boss, Charles, and Reed is constantly seeing tv reports and gossip about his wife and Charles. This situation leads to an interesting climax within the story surrounding the couple. I also enjoyed the twist that the author gave us with Reed’s assistant, Gabriella.
This is a mellow romance, and if you are a fan of that, then you will like this story. I am also looking forward to Kate’s story. The author gave us a bit of a teaser and it sounds very tempting.
Storyline: FAIR Enjoyment: GOOD



Shattered Dreams is available November 26, 2011 from Sugar and Spice Press!


Happy Reading ,

Anna James

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A Review of Coming Up For Air by TD Jones

Five Stars for Coming Up For Air by TD Jones!

Hi Everyone,

I had the pleasure of reading TD Jones’ recent release entitled Coming Up For Air. This is the story of Maggie Dawson and Kevin Walker.

Eighteen years ago Kevin Walker left Maggie Dawson at the altar. Maggie has always secretly hoped that Kevin would come back to her someday. He’d apologize for leaving and for breaking her heart and they would pick up where they had left off and live happily ever after – like in the fairy tales. Now Kevin is back. But something isn’t right. Never once in her fairy tale did she dream that her prince would come back to town and bring his
pregnant fiancée with him.

Kevin Walker is back in Clover, Texas to sell his family ranch. He never expected to run into Maggie Dawson or that he’d still be attracted to her after all this time. After all he’s an engaged man and his fiancée is pregnant.

Will Maggie and Kevin find love again or have they missed their chance at happiness?

First off, let me say once I started this book I couldn’t put  it down. I loved it. It’s filled with the three things I love most in a romance novel:

Passion – things start to simmer between Maggie and Kevin from the first moment they meet up again.

Drama – Kevin is engaged and his fiancée is pregnant. Yet he’s still attracted to Maggie and she to him. How much more drama can you get with that combination?

And of course…

Romance – there are sweet and tender moments throughout the story and you’re pulling for them to somehow get together in the end despite the challenges they face.

You will feel Maggie’s pain and confusion as she deals with past hurts and admire her spirit as she comes to terms with the re-appearance of Kevin in her life.

You’ll admire Kevin’s determination and persistence as he deals with a heart-broken Maggie and tries to teach her to love again.

Ms. Jones has created characters that are lovable, passionate and real enough to linger long after a reader has finished this story. So if you’re looking for a heart-warming story filled with passion, drama and romance then Coming Up For Air by TD Jones is a book that you need to read!

Pick up your copy of Coming Up For Air by TD Jones today!

Coming Up For Air is available from XoXo Publishing http://www.xoxopublishing.com

Happy Reading,

Anna James

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An Interview with Author Donna Shields

Hello Everyone,

Today I am chatting with romance author Donna Shields. Donna, please tell us about your latest release.

As if the violent murder of Lena Dixon’s fiancé hadn’t been bad enough, now his brother, Nicholas Hunter, is court ordered to live with her for the next thirty days. And to top it off, the murderer’s ghost is asserting his innocence and refuses to leave until Lena and
Nicholas prove it.

The skeptic in Nicholas believes Lena has lost her mind until he witnesses some unexplainable events and is forced to believe in her psychic abilities and his heart’s desire.

As their sexual chemistry heats up, so do their guilt levels. Can they make their newfound relationship work, or will it be too late when the real killer comes calling for her?

What inspired you to write this book?

I believe there are spirits all around us wanting to communicate but can’t for whatever reason. This sparked the idea and turned into Nicholas and Lena’s wonderful story.

How did you choose the title for this book?

It was originally Doves Cove Murders, but when it was said aloud it didn’t have the ‘flow’. I changed the town to Swan Cove.

Can you share an excerpt from the book with us?

The door slowly opened, and she slid through the slim opening. The purple smudges under her beautiful hazel eyes spoke volumes to him, crushing his heart. Be strong.

“What do you want? The sheriff already delivered the papers.” The glare radiating from her hazel eyes spoke of wanting to set him on fire, burning him alive. She’d been crying.

“I know.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Well, you also know Earl left me the house.”

“A small technicality which will be fixed the day after tomorrow in court.”

She sighed. “Then what do you want today of all days?”

“I would like to get into my attic.” When she didn’t answer, he smiled. “Please.”

Suspicion crept into the fiery gaze. “Why should I let you?”

“I have a key. I can come and go anytime I please.” Vixen. “I thought I’d be nice and ask, before forcing my way in.”

“You certainly aren’t winning me over.”

He put his hands together as if in prayer. “Please. I just need the trunk.” His and Earl’s trunk. After the funeral, Lena had insisted Nicholas take the treasure trove with him, but the memories inside had been too much to handle at the time.

Her swollen eyes softened a little. “Well…” She pushed open the door and waved him in.

He made his way through the foyer, pausing when he spotted the family photos hanging on the wall. “I see you haven’t changed anything.” He hadn’t been inside the house since Earl’s death.

“Why would I?”

His eyes caught the flower arrangement on the side table near the staircase along with the card sticking up in the middle. “Secret admirer?”

Her face flushed. “How about none of your business? Do you want time with the trunk or what?”

Now can you please tell us a little about yourself?

I’m married with children (lol, not like the TV show either) and a gramma living in the Upstate, South Carolina. I have a full-time normal paying job (you know, the type that pays the bills) while writing when I can.

What publishers do you write for?

Soul Mate Publishing.

How long have you been writing?

On and off for as long as I can remember. Pretty much since sixth grade when my English teacher insisted we had to write our own short story and found I loved creating stories

What made you decide you wanted to write?

I found that I enjoyed creating stories with a slightly different twist than all the others.

What do you think is the most important to remember when writing romance?

Conflict. You need to have both internal and external conflicts.

How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

A good amount of my personality is found within my heroine, Lena. But truly no life experiences were weaved into the story. Purely my imagination.

What are you working on now?

Boneknapper.  I’m loving this story. A little voodoo curse going on!

Do you have any events coming up?

Today’s my release day! So over at my blog (http://donna-realworldwriting.blogspot.com) I’m having a release day blog party and giving away a $10 gift certificate good for
Soul Mate Publishing’s website. And I’m over at Kristi Knight’s website (http://kristiknight.blogspot.com) tomorrow the 10th doing another interview. On the 21st

I’ll be over at Southern Fried Gothic (http://www.southern-fried-gothic.com) talking about the South.

Where can readers learn more about your books?


Do you have any words of encouragement for unpublished writers?

All I can say is never give up on your writing. And never give up on shopping your
story around to all publishers.

Thanks Donna for joining us today.


Happy Reading Everyone!


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An Interview with Author Darlene Gardner

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I’d like to introduce you to romance author Darlene Gardner. Welcome to my blog Darlene. Can you tell us about your latest release?

First of all, thanks Anna for hosting me. It gives me a chance to talk about two of my favorite subjects: Writing and Christmas. They come together in The Christmas Gift, my November release from Harlequin Superromance.

Krista Novak’s mother tricks her into coming home for the holidays for the first time in the eight years since she moved to Europe. Record snowfall prevents Krista from leaving, making her face the past and the man she left behind.

What inspired you to write this book?

The book is based on a true story. Kinda, sorta. Okay, not really. But two winters ago I impulsively decided to visit friends and family in South Florida after stumbling across a fantastic round-trip airfare. I intended to stay five days. Three cancelled flights later, I was still enjoying sunny Florida on an impromptu twelve-day vacation. You see, my jaunt to the tropical south coincided with the Snowpocalypse,  the back-to-back blizzards that buried the East Coast in the white stuff. I came up with the plot for The Christmas Gift
while sitting on the beach. A major difference is that Krista’s stuck where it’s snowing. But, hey, she has Alex Costas to keep her warm.

How did you choose the title for this book?

I actually like Let It Snow, another of the titles I proposed, a little better. Harlequin does a lot of market research about titles so I’ll bow to the company’s greater wisdom. There is a Christmas gift that has special meaning in the book so the title’s appropriate.

 Can you share an excerpt from the book with us?

Here’s one from early in the book. I think it’s self explanatory:

“So while we’re being outspoken and clearing the air, let’s hear why you dumped me,” Krista said.

Alex swung his gaze from the road to Krista, not able to determine from her expression if she were joking. “I didn’t dump you! You moved to the Czech Republic.”

“Two weeks after you dropped me like a hot potato.” She gasped and pointed at the road. “Red light!”

They were approaching a traffic light that was turning from yellow to red, but Alex only had one choice because of the SUV on his bumper. He kept his foot steady on the gas and went through the intersection. Behind them, the SUV came to a screeching stop.

“You ran that red light!” Krista said.

“It was safer than stopping.” Alex counted himself lucky he didn’t hear a police siren. How could he explain missing the red light when he’d driven this route thousands of times?

“Am I distracting you?” she asked.

“Ya think?” He vowed to keep his eyes on the road, but his mind was mired in the past. “To set the record straight, I didn’t break things off until after you accepted the job.”

“You had to realize I would have liked to keep seeing you in those two weeks before I moved,” Krista said.

“What would have been the point?” he asked.

“We were having a good time together,” she said.

“The good times had to end, sooner or later.”

“It would have been nice if it was later,” she said.

Were they really having this conversation? Alex didn’t know any other woman who talked so bluntly. Was that one of the reasons he’d been attracted to her?

“More time together would have changed nothing,” he said. “You still would have moved to Europe and I still would have stayed here.”

“I suppose,” she said, a sigh in her voice. “But it’s not like we had a commitment.”

The few weeks they’d known each other had been enough time for Alex to suspect he wanted more from Krista than sex. Her surprise announcement that she was leaving had forced him to conclude he hadn’t known her at all.

“Why didn’t you mention you were considering moving to Europe?” Alex posed a question he should have asked back then.

“I wasn’t,” Krista said. “The job offer came from out of the blue, and I accepted on the spot.”

Alex hadn’t seen it coming. One day, he was dating a woman with a semester left at a college less than three hours away in Philadelphia. The next, she was moving across the Atlantic Ocean.

Looking back on it, Alex had envisioned the same future for Krista that her mother had. She was a business major at the University of Pennsylvania and her parents owned a nursery. It seemed a given that she’d eventually join the family business, perhaps because
that was the choice Alex made.

No, he hadn’t known Krista well at all.

“You sound like you have no regrets,” he said.

“Not about moving,” Krista said. “But if I had it to do over again, I’d wait a lot longer until I told you I was taking the job.”

The last mile before they reached the nursery was on a fairly steep road with a narrow shoulder. Krista didn’t sound like she was teasing but Alex couldn’t risk a glance at her to find out.

“We still would have had an expiration date,” he said.

“Yeah,” Krista said, “but think of the fun we could have had in the meantime.”

Alex would rather not. “What’s over is over.”

The paved parking lot that served both Novaks’ Nursery and the adjoining Christmas shop came into view, half filled with cars even though it was barely past ten o’clock. Alex switched on his turn signal and slowed down.

“What if it’s not over? What would you say if I propositioned you now?” Krista asked in the same low voice she once used when they were in bed together. Just like that, remembered sensations assailed him. The smooth texture of her skin. The fresh smell of her hair. The
sweet taste of her kiss.

Alex focused on another memory as he pulled the truck into the parking lot, found a space and shut off the ignition: The disappointment that Krista was leaving when things between them had barely begun.

“You won’t proposition me,” he said in an equally soft voice. “You won’t be here
long enough.”

Now can you please tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a former journalist turned novelist who loves her family, reading, traveling and sports. I wrote features and sports stories for daily newspapers until giving a go at writing fiction full time. I’m kind of shocked to realize I’ve dedicated myself to the business of writing books for fifteen years. I just made two sales to Superromance, which will bring me to an
even dozen books for the line. I’ve also written for Intimate Moments, Duets and Temptation at Harlequin/Silhouette and for Dorchester Love Spell and Avalon

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to write out of order. I’m a very linear thinker. I can’t write the second chapter until I finish the first. Other writers jump to another scene when they get stuck. Not me. I just plow on through, as long as I’m traveling in a straight line.

What do you think is the most important to remember when writing romance?

There’s nothing more important in this world than love. Think about it. People live and die for love. It’s what makes life worth living.

What genres and authors would we find you reading when taking a break from your own writing?

I love romantic suspense, as long as the plot doesn’t revolve around a serial killer. I just find that kind of stuff too disturbing. I really enjoy a subset of romantic suspense that sometimes referred to as domestic suspense, with everyday women thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Joy Fielding, Patricia MacDonald, Linda Howard and Karen Robards are some of my favorites. I’m also partial to my Super sisters. The Superromance line has a rich variety of plots and an impressive lineup of talented authors.

How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

I think, in a way, we are what we write. Although all my plots and characters are different, my world view carries throughout my stories. I’m basically an optimist. I believe that most people are good, that hard work pays off, that a supportive word can work wonders and that love is what matters most.

Tell us your story of “getting published”:

I didn’t belong to any writing groups and had never heard of RWA when I first submitted to what was then Silhouette Intimate Moments. So I didn’t realize it was a good sign when the rejection letter came with two pages of details about how to revise the story. Even though Wade Conner’s Revenge was only my second full manuscript, I was crushed. It probably took me a good three or four months before I decided to revise and submit again. This time it sold.

 What were you doing when you received your first contract?

Most writers remember every detail of The Call. Not me. But I have a good reason for that. My son was only a few months old at the time. I maintain to this day that the first year of both his life and my daughter’s life are blurs. I think it was the sleep deprivation. I do remember the elation, though. And the happy tears.

 What are you working on now?

I’m working on a contracted Superromance about a woman who starts to fear she was  abducted as a child almost thirty years before and the man who could make her face her past. They meet when he’s checking out a lead for his sister, the PI looking into the
old case.

 Do you have any events coming up?

I just got back from the NINC (Novelists Inc.) conference in Florida. It was all about the changing world of publishing. I’ll do some online promo for my Christmas book but I have a December deadline for the next book. Oh, and Christmas shopping. I’ve gotta fit that in somewhere.

Where can readers learn more about your books?

Check out my website at http://www.darlenegardner.com

I’m also on Facebook and Twitter

 Do you have any words of encouragement for unpublished writers?

Persevere. If you don’t keep trying, you’ll never reach your goals. I know. Even though I’ve had more than thirty books published, I had a seven-year gap between the second and third. Boy, am I glad I didn’t give up.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

In a previous incarnation, I wrote romantic comedy. I spent
the summer updating three of my single-title romantic comedies

The Misconception,

Bait and Switch

Snoops in the City

and making them available for Nook, Kindle and on Smashwords.  Snoops in the City is
currently on sale for just 99 cents.

Thanks Darlene for stopping by today and I wish you many sales on The Christmas Gift!

Happy Reading Everyone!


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Visions is now available from Sugar and Spice Press


Take a break from everyday life and get lost in a  world filled with

passion, drama, romance

and suspense!

Are you looking for a chilling, mysterious and romantic read?

Do you want to get lost in a world filled with passion, drama, romance and suspense?

Then pick up your copy of Visions today!

Visions is now available from Sugar and Spice Press http://www.sugarnspicepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=128&zenid=r3eq5v9pjiicrme1i9068f2c54

Prudence Bailey has just learned that Laura Bailey, the woman she has always believed to be her mother, is in fact a distant cousin. Laura adopted Prudence when she was four years old after her father, Joshua Adams, brutally murdered her mother, Jane, then killed himself.

She has no memory of the past and, after Laura’s death, decides to return home to Salem Massachusetts to learn more.  Twenty years have now passed since the murder / suicide took place.

Almost immediately she meets Detective Matt Cavanaugh, her neighbor. Matt is gorgeous and sexy and Pru is instantly attracted to him. Matt is also linked to her past. His father, now a retired police officer, was first on the scene the night of her parents’ deaths.

From the moment she returns Pru experiences visions that lead her to believe that the circumstances surrounding her parents’ deaths are not as they seem. The facts don’t add up. And when a recent murder that Matt is investigating is linked to the past they discover that Pru is right and the killer is still on the loose.

Will they discover the killer’s identity in time or will history repeat itself?


Sweat trickled down the sides of her face. Her eyes were huge with fear and tremors racked her body. “No! Please don’t.” Prudence Bailey could hear the terror in the woman’s voice as she begged for her life. Someone came toward the woman; he was holding a knife. Or was it a she? Pru couldn’t tell from this angle. She saw the woman’s arms shoot up to try and ward off her attacker. It was a futile attempt. He overpowered her easily. Then it happened. The knife plunged deep into her chest. The screams were terrifying. She saw the woman crumple but it wasn’t over. The knife plunged into the woman again and again. Finally, the screaming stopped.

Pru shot straight up in bed. She too was drenched with sweat and her body shook with fear. This was the third night this week that she’d had the nightmare. It was the same each time. She pulled the blankets aside and got out of bed. Why is this happening to me? she wondered as she went down the stairs to double check that the windows and doors were locked. She didn’t know but she was sure as hell going to find out.

Happy Reading!

Anna James

Visit me at https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Anna-James-Author-of-Contemporary-Romance-Novels/129394040447020

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Isabella’s Dilemma is Now Available from Sugar and Spice Press

Isabella’s Dilemma

Take a break from everyday life and get lost in a world filled with passion, drama and romance!

Are you looking for a great book to curl up on the couch with?

Do you want to get lost in a world filled with passion, drama and romance?

Then pick up your copy of Isabella’s Dilemma today!

Watch the book! http://youtu.be/J9DkAr3a91M

Now available from Sugar and Spice Press: http://www.sugarnspicepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11&products_id=81&zenid=qd6cfc6k24n1a1us5581hj9l33

Isabella Sheridan has a big problem and his name is Jake McAllister! Jake is now Isabella’s business partner. To make matters worse he owns more of the Sheridan Advertising Agency than she does. He is difficult to work with, has a hostile attitude toward her and makes business decisions without consulting her. So why does she respond with so much passion when he kisses her?

Jake McAllister does not like Isabella Sheridan. As far as he’s concerned she’s shallow and without moral values, both in her personal and professional life. So why is he so attracted to her? You’d think he’d know better based on past experience. And why, after just one passionate kiss, is he ready to give her the benefit of the doubt and become involved?

Will Jake and Isabella resolve their differences and find love or will past perceptions be too much to overcome?

Happy Reading,

Anna James

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Contest: ebook give away: Guilty As Charged – Book 1 Bradford Sisters Trilogy

Hi Everyone,

I’m at Shannon Leigh’s blog talking about my book Guilty As Charged – Book 1 Bradford Sisters Trilogy. Stop by and read the post. Leave a comment with your email address. You’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a free ecopy.


Guilty As Charged just received 4 Roses from Pillow Talk Reviews  – “For a quick read that will give you the warm-fuzzies, grab a copy of Guilty As Charged by Anna James. Her characters are sure to stick with you a while after reaching The End” – Willow  http://pillowtalkreview.blogspot.com/2011/09/guilty-as-charged-by-anna-james.html?zx=7d9b82db91ad4208

Happy Reading,

Anna James

Visit me at: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Anna-James-Author-of-Contemporary-Romance-Novels/129394040447020

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