Hot Days – by TD Jones

Hot Days – by T.D. Jones

Contemporary Romance



If you’re looking for heartwarming stories with characters you can really relate to then Hot Days, by T.D. Jones is a book you really should read.

There are two different stories in the Hot Days anthology: Who Put Grandpa in the Garden! and The Cockeyed Cowboy from Crocket County.

In Who Put Grandpa in the Garden! we meet Sam and Chelsea. They are a young couple in love and have been married for a few years. Sam is sweet and loving and the kind of husband a woman is lucky to have. Chelsea is full of heart and cares deeply for those around her.

Sam and Chelsea long to have a baby. They’ve been trying for several years but haven’t had any luck. On top of the stress of not being able to conceive, Chelsea’s family adds even more stress to her life.  First, there’s Margaret, Chelsea’s older sister.  She’s the kind of person who, no matter what you do, it’s always the wrong thing or it just isn’t good enough. Because of this Chelsea feels like she’s a total screw up in Margaret’s eyes. Then there is Linda, Chelsea’s mom. She’s the kind of person who can’t face reality so she won’t make a decision. This puts a lot of responsibility on Chelsea, especially with respect to her grandmother. Lastly, there is Chelsea’s grandmother, Lilly. I really like Lilly a lot. She tells you exactly what she’s thinking whether it’s good or bad. And she doesn’t apologize for speaking her mind.

One afternoon Sam accidently puts Grandpa’s ashes in the garden. Now Chelsea has to make things right with her family but that’s not going to be easy. Margaret, the drama queen, thinks that Chelsea has screwed up once again. Linda, who is away on vacation, doesn’t want to deal with any of what’s going on at home and Lilly, did I mention I just loved Lilly? She takes the news of where Grandpa’s final resting place will be all in her stride and thinks it’s a fitting location to boot.

In the process of trying to make things right Chelsea learns a lot about herself and her family and realizes that things aren’t always what they seem.

This story is full of humor and leaves the reader with a warm, happy feeling deep inside. It really touched my heart.

In The Cockeyed Cowboy from Crocket County, we meet Will and Isadora. Will is the handsome sheriff of Crocket County who is unlucky in love. Isadora is the stunning detective from the Medical Examiner’s office.

Isadora and Will meet while trying to solve the mystery of how a man ended up dead on the golf course in Will’s town and why he is missing a certain part of his anatomy. They are instantly attracted to each other but each fights the attraction for different reasons. Will, who has been married and divorced three times already, has sworn off women completely. Isadora, who’s had a relationship end tragically, doesn’t think she can love or trust again.

As they work together to solve the case, they get to know each other and they realize each is perfect for the other in many ways.

I loved the characters of Will and Isadora. When I first learned that Will had been divorced three times I wasn’t sure what to expect from him but he turned out to be quite lovable and I found myself rooting for him to get the girl in the end. Isadora was also a surprise. Although she is from an affluent family she is very down earth and very easy to like. I found myself rooting for her as well.

Like Who Put Grandpa in the Garden! this story also is filled with humor and made me laugh out loud in certain parts.  But it also has the romance I love and left me feeling happy inside.

Hot Days is available from Melange-Books. Stop by and get your copy today!


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