A Ranger’s Tale – by Mysti Parker

A Ranger’s Tale – by Mysti Parker

Fantasy Romance


Rating: ****

A Ranger’s Tale is a must read!

If you are a lover of romance stories and especially if you love fantasy romance then I recommend adding this book to your list of summer reads.

The story grabbed me from the very beginning. It is written in the first person from several points of view and lets the reader experience the thoughts and emotions of each of the characters.

I felt a strong affinity with Caliphany Aranea, the free spirited, rebellious hi elf, and heroine of this story, who longs to see the world, experience life and discover who she really is. When we first meet Caliphany she is shackled by the duties and responsibilities her controlling father imposes on her. She is to follow in his footsteps, become a master wizard and run his beloved academy, and marry a man she does not love.  But Caliphany is strong minded and will have no part of this.

She meets ranger and ship captain Galadin Trudeaux, the hero of this story, quite by accident; he saves her from being kidnapped one day when she is out exploring. They are instantly attracted to each other and after spending long days together while Galadin teaches Cali archery and hunting skills they fall passionately in love.

The story is filled with lots of action and twists and turns I could not have predicted. The issues the characters face are contemporary: loyalty, trust, betrayal, forgiveness and undying love.

If you are looking for that epic love story you will find it in a Ranger’s Tale.

A Ranger’s Tale is the first in the Tallenmere series and a great read.


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  1. Mysti Parker says:

    Thanks for the lovely review!

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