Coming January 29th To Love and Trust Again

Take a Break From Everyday Life and Get Lost in a World Filled With Passion, Drama and Romance!
Coming January 29th from Melange Books
To Love and Trust Again
Three years ago Molly Quin walked out of Dan Berringer’s apartment and told him that she wanted nothing to do with him ever again. Now, after accepting a position with Bennett Engineering, she will have to see Dan every day. Fate could be so cruel! Seeing him again so unexpectedly, she discovered to her chagrin, brought back feelings she thought she’d dealt with a long time ago.


Dan Berringer made a mistake. He’d hurt Molly badly. He wants her back now and will stop at nothing to win her including letting Max McDermott get in his way.


Max McDermott wants Molly Quin. She’s smart, funny and sexy as hell, but he is reluctant to pursue her. He knows Molly is attracted to him too but what about her relationship with Dan Berringer? And is he willing to become involved with someone he works with again?


Follow Molly on her journey as she deals with hurts from the past and her feelings in the present and learns how to love and trust again.


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Anna James

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One Response to Coming January 29th To Love and Trust Again

  1. Once again Anna James has her finger on the contemporary pulse. This fast-paced narrative weaves an interlacing web of relationship traumas and career stresses. Molly Quin starts a new job, highly prestigious and demanding, in a corporation where an ‘old flame’ is also on the staff. This was highly thought-provoking for me: I was ‘old-school’ conditioned to put these things into separate compartments – with their respective cordons sanitaires. It is revealed through flashback that Dan Berringer, the old flame, perpetrated a vicious bit of ‘two-timing’ on her. In the new, ‘meet again as friends’ situation, he remains highly controlling, intrusive and manipulative.

    The intrigue centres round four people: Molly and Dan, work colleagues Jenna Bennett and Max McDermott. Molly feels an intense attraction for Max, but senses some closeness between him and Jenna. After many manoeuvrings, Molly consummates her love for Max, then, at the denouement (where, incidentally, Dan’s ‘old flame’ puts in an appearance), it is revealed that Jenna is pregnant by Max, and due to marry him. Molly is overcome by remorse, and asks Jenna for forgiveness: she has both suffered and perpetrated ‘two-timing’ so knows what the experience is like from both ends. To me, she emerges as a fully evolved, caring human being.

    The intricate structure of company politics portrayed here is really fascinating – there is a marvellous tension between cool, clear-headed professional detachment – ‘to the top’ careerism, and the intensities of passion. The context facilitates a disturbingly efficient surveillance system of which all characters avail themselves.

    The sex scenes are handled with great delicacy and finesse. There is one chapter-based shift from night to morning where what might or might not have happened is left to the reader’s imagination – a great catalyst of suspense. The imagery is really tasteful, with such phrases as ‘liquid fire’, offending garment’, exquisite torture’ ‘worlds spun out of control.

    The dramas of many romances are enacted away from the workplace. This one is enacted right in its midst.

    Well done again Anna; let’s see lots more!

    David Russell

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