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AUTHOR: Anna James


PUBLISHER: Sugar and Spice Press


GENRE: Contemporary *  Paranormal Romance * Haunting

LENGTH: 57 pages






Where does the line draw between nightmares and reality? What if your nightmares are a reality? Or should I say, were…

Prudence isn’t one to believe in ghosts or the undead. But when her nightmares become so intense that she can actually feel the pain of the victims in her head, she begins to think maybe her nightmares aren’t just bad dreams. They may be, in fact, a message from the past. But that’s impossible, right?

When her mother/cousin dies, Pru inherits the house she once called home. Many years have passed since then, and she has very little recollection of those times. That is, until she steps foot inside the foreign dwelling and is assaulted by visions so terrible, they leave her shaking with fear. Something bad happened there, and she’s no longer sure her father was to blame.

Matt recognizes Prudence almost from the moment he sees her. He can’t believe she’s actually returned after all these years. He knows the story behind her parent’s deaths—after all, his father worked the case—but something about it all just doesn’t make sense. As the two of them become reacquainted, they begin finding clues that lead them to not only some things about the house that were left out of the homicide/suicide report from years ago, but also about who might actually be responsible for Pru’s parent’s deaths.

Visions is one of those stories that really hooks you from the get go. Ms. James does a wonderful job of weaving a tale of suspense and romance, all at once. As Pru and Matt rediscover each other, they also begin to unravel the mystery of Pru’s past. There were very little grammar/punctuation errors. If they were there, I was so engrossed in the reading that I hardly noticed. I thoroughly enjoyed her character development and plot. This is one I will certainly keep and will probably re-read sometime when I feel like curling up with a hot cup of coffee in front of the fireplace. The attraction between Pru and Matt is dynamic and Ms. James adds just enough sex to heat up the story, but not so much is drowns out the main objective, which is to find out what really happened to Pru’s parents.

If you like a little suspense and danger with your romance, then grab a copy of Anna James’ Visions. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For the full review: http://pillowtalkreview.blogspot.com/2011/12/visions-by-anna-james.html?zx=fc919141e2ed5789

Happy Reading!


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