Shattered Dreams – Bradford Sisters Trilogy #2 Is NOW Available from Sugar and Spice Press

I invite you to take a break from everyday life and get lost in a world filled with passion, drama and romance!

Are you looking for a heart warming story with characters you will fall in love with?

Then Shattered Dreams –  Bradford Sisters Trilogy #2 is a novella you have to read!

Shattered Dreams is now available from Sugar and Spice Press just in time for the holidays! Pick up your copy today!

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Get a taste of the story and WATCH THE BOOK

Happy Reading,

Anna James

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2 Responses to Shattered Dreams – Bradford Sisters Trilogy #2 Is NOW Available from Sugar and Spice Press

  1. Shattered Dreams by Anna James

    My prior experience reading and reviewing Guilty as Charged left me eager for the next instalment. My reading of Shattered Dreams has left me agog for Part III of the trilogy.

    The central characters are Reed McNamara and Max, with their respective partners, the two sisters Natalie and Nicole. Nicole designed Natalie’s wedding dress, and her design procured her a commission for her boss’s wedding announced by younger sister, Kate, who is going to Italy to study art. Nicole is almost a mother to Natalie and Kate. There is an intricate web of intrigue, where acute relationship tensions are played out against a background of high-powered career manoeuvres. Anna James has an exceptional ability to synthesise these elements. There is an interesting contact between the hard clinicality of the workplace, and the tenderness of the two tastefully protrayed main love scenes, and the delicate description of the miscarriage.

    The relationship between Reed and Max is affected by corporate considerations. Max sells assets to keep them from the clutches of his unscrupulous ex. Natalie proves herself to be an intrepid character, taking on a gruelling and demanding job in the early stages of her pregnancy.

    Good bit of backdrop with the crucial building project, which may be blocked by the local authority because of a sewer moratorium on the site. Anna also has her finger on the pulse of contemporary technology. A vital meeting is almost wrecked by the jamming of an elevator – some suspense there when the alarm is ignored; a cool, clear head establishes the appropriate telephone contact to arrange the rescue. A ‘candid’ video taken on work premises of the boss taking Natalie in his arms when she is fainting is manipulated by Gabriella Rossini to spread a spurious rumour of an affair between Natalie and Charles, the boss. This causes Natalie to storm off. Needless to say, Gabriella has designs on Reed, which are duly thwarted. She suggests she slept with Reed after Natalie’s departure. There is room for the reader’s imagination here; the greater probability is that she was lying.

    There is a ‘happy ending’, where Reed and Natalie are blissfully reconciled, and Natalie is happy with the prospect of another pregnancy. The denouement has a backdrop of happy house-hunting in an idyllic lakeside setting.

    Once again – a superb effort: keep ’em rolling Anna!

    David Russell

  2. Anna James says:

    Thanks for your wonderful review David! The last book in the trilogy, Shattered Illusions, is due out on May 5th

    Happy Reading!!!


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