4 Stars for Shattered Dreams – Book 2 Bradford Sisters Trilogy

Take a Break From Everyday Life and Get Lost in a World Filled With

 Passion, Drama and Romance!

I am pleased to share my first 4 star review for Shattered Dreams – Book 2 Bradford Sisters Trilogy

Romance Novel Junkies / Lady Raven Rave‘s review:

BRIEF SUMMARY Natalie and Reed are happy together. They are back from their honeymoon and easing back into everyday life. In the mist of all this, Natalie is pregnant, but soon after, suffers a miscarriage. With the miscarriage comes tension and mistrust with Natalie and Reed’s relationship.
It was nice reconnecting with all the characters again from Guilty As Charged (The Bradford Sisters Trilogy #1)  book 1. ‘Shattered Dreams’ starts out showing a wonderful relationship between Natalie and Reed. As the story starts to unfold and Natalie suffers a miscarriage, mistrust starts to follow the couple. Natalie is working with her new boss, Charles, and Reed is constantly seeing tv reports and gossip about his wife and Charles. This situation leads to an interesting climax within the story surrounding the couple. I also enjoyed the twist that the author gave us with Reed’s assistant, Gabriella.
This is a mellow romance, and if you are a fan of that, then you will like this story. I am also looking forward to Kate’s story. The author gave us a bit of a teaser and it sounds very tempting.
Storyline: FAIR Enjoyment: GOOD



Shattered Dreams is available November 26, 2011 from Sugar and Spice Press!


Happy Reading ,

Anna James

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