Book Review – You can’t Go Home Again by Aubrianna Hunter

Hi Freinds,

I recently had the opportunity to read You Can’t Go Home Again by Aubrianna Hunter and I just loved the story. Here is my review of the book.

You can’t Go Home Again – by Aubrianna Hunter

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Sugar and Spice Press

My Rating:  4.5 stars

Are you looking for a great summer read? Then I recommend picking up a copy of

You  Can’t Go Home Again by Aubrianna Hunter today!

Danielle Foster had one night of passion with her close friend Jason Bradford, the man
she’d been secretly in love with for years. She left for LA the next morning without a word because she was sure that Jace thought their night together was the biggest mistake of his life. Now Dani’s best friend, Jenn, is getting married and she is the Maid of Honor. Finally, after five long years Dani returns home. She is surprised by Jace’s rage and anger toward her. She had known that coming home wouldn’t be easy but what had she done to make him hate her so much?

Jace Bradford was devastated when Dani Foster left five years ago. Clearly, their night together, their longtime friendship had meant more to him than it had to her. He’d convinced himself that it didn’t matter anymore, that she didn’t matter. And knew he’d
been lying the second Dani walked through the door. A rage unlike anything he’d
ever known surged through him. Rage and something else… desire. He hated her…
almost as much as he wanted her. What is he going to do now that she’s back?

I loved You can’t Go Home Again. Sparks flew between Dani and Jace the moment they were reunited. The author does a great job drawing the reader into the story and creating characters that are endearing and easy to relate to. I kept wondering what was around the corner and would things work out for Jace and Dani in the end?

This was compelling story that kept me turning the pages and rooting for Dani and Jace to finally get together and prove that in the end, you really can go home again.

You Can’t Go Home Again is available from Sugar and Spice Press. Stop by and pick up your copy today.

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